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Resolving Roofing Issues in Corby, Northamptonshire

Provide your property with a strong, new roof by calling upon the expert professionals at Hemisphere Roofing. Based in Corby, Northamptonshire, we offer comprehensive roof installations for domestic and commercial clients. Using the finest materials, our roofers fit the new installation in the most efficient manner, keeping your property protected from the elements. Additionally, if your roof has become damaged, we are on hand to complete meticulous roof repairs.

A Full Roofing Solution

At Hemisphere Roofing, we are so confident in our workmanship and the durability of our roofs that all of our installations are accompanied by a 20-year guarantee. We provide clients with a variety of roofing options, including the popular, new, high-performance felt systems and metal roofing. Alongside fitting your new roof, we will also strip old tiles and fit beautiful new replacements to ensure your home looks stunning.

Industrial Roofing Options

Comprising of 8m x 1m panels that are mechanically fixed, our corrugated or box-profile roofing is ideally suited for factories and industrial sites, as well as residential garages. Hemisphere Roofing also offers other industrial roofing options, including rubber linings, which are guaranteed for 20 years, and asphalt roofing, which is also renowned for its durability.

Maintaining Roofs

Working on Roof

To make sure that your property remains safe, and that your repair costs are minimised, it is important to identify any damage to your roof before it becomes too advanced. Our roofing specialists are on hand to provide comprehensive maintenance services to prevent your roof from suffering an issue. As part of the service, we provide a thorough assessment of your roof while also clearing out any debris in the gutters. Our maintenance is available for a single, annual fee, which allows you to avoid hefty and unexpected repair costs.

Roofing Repairs

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home; it keeps you warm, safe, and dry all year round. It is crucial that your roof and roofline are well-maintained for your home to remain in great condition. If you notice any problems or damage, you need a specialist to undertake the repairs as soon as possible. Hemisphere Roofing specialises in roof repairs, offering an emergency service 24 hours a day. So whether you have a minor concern about damp or a more pressing problem regarding a leaking roof, we are able to offer you a prompt, reliable solution and expert advice.

Working with Insurance Companies

As a fully VAT-registered company, we provide work on behalf of insurance companies. Hemisphere Roofing will fix your home in the event of any kind of accident which you are insured for; whether a storm has blown tiles from your roof or moss has built up in your outlets and caused debris to become caught.

Utilise Your Insurance Policy

Impaired tiling allows damage from birds, insects, or water intake to compromise the integrity of your roof, creating more expense in the long run. Don't expose the sealant of your roof to more risk than absolutely necessary; get in touch with your insurance provider now to find out just what kind of services we are able to offer you through your insurance package. Keep your home in great repair and use the insurance that you've paid for to full effect with our roofing services.

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